Would you like to call Mauritania at low rates?

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Would you like to call Mauritania at low rates? : Manifone offers cheap phone calls abroad to help families stay in touch, and make significant savings on their call to Mauritania and other African countries.

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Would you like to call Mauritania at low rates?
Mauritania is a country located in Northwestern Africa. It is bounded by Western Sahara, Algeria, Mali, Senegal and the Atlantic Ocean. The country is named after the ancient Kingdom of Mauretania. Nouakchott is the capital and largest city, and also the political and economic centre of the country. Around 75% of the land is covered by desert. The most populated areas are the coastal zone to the west and the Senegal river basin to the south. The amount of rainfall and annual flooding of the river makes the basin a good place for agriculture. Mauritania is rich in natural resources, however, it is also one of the poorest African countries. Emigration of educated workforce is widespread in Africa, and Mauritania is no exception from the brain drain phenomenon. Africans living abroad stay in touch through Africa phone call with their home country. International Mauritania calls are usually the only way of contacting someone in Mauritania, and with the technological development, it is much cheaper to place a Mauritania phone call from foreign countries. Services that offer cheap phone calls abroad are very popular today, as they help people connect with their families more often, and make significant savings on their Mauritania call and other Africa calls.
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