Call Ecuador at local rates of US and Spain

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Call Ecuador at local rates of US and Spain : More than 1.5 million Ecuadorians live abroad, mainly in Spain and the United States, where they use alternative services to call their relatives in Ecuador.

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Call Ecuador at local rates of US and Spain
Ecuador is a republic in South America, bordered by Colombia, Peru, and the Pacific Ocean. The country is named after the equator which runs through the northern part of the country. The country also claims the Galápagos Islands in the Pacific. The islands are famous for various animal species, and also known as the place where Darwin's Theory of Evolution was born. Ecuador established the first in the world constitution which accepts the rights of nature. Ecuador is also ethnically diverse. The country's population is estimated at 15 million. The largest group is the Mestizos, followed by Amerindians. Smaller ethnic groups are represented by Spanish and Afro-Ecuadorians. The economic crisis of late 1990s led over 600,000 Ecuadorians to emigrate to the United States and Europe. Today, 1.5 million Ecuadorians live mainly in Spain and the United States, where they use alternative services to place calls to Ecuador. People have also emigrated to Italy, the Netherlands, France and Canada. Cheaper call to Italy and low-cost call to France are offered by several telecom services. If you call the United States frequently, Manifone has a solution that will lower the costs of your phone call. You can also call Spain at local rates with Manifone.
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