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Choose a cheap way to call Colombia : Many expatriates call Colombia to stay in touch with their family members back home. They make significant savings with Manifone's cheap international calls.

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Choose a cheap way to call Colombia
Republic of Colombia is located in northwestern South America, bounded by Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, the Caribbean Sea, Panama, and the Pacific Ocean. Colombia's population is a rich mixture of indigenous people, Spanish settlers and black African slaves. Immigrations from Europe and the Middle East in the 20th century further contributed to this diversity. It is estimated that 58% of the population is mestizo, or mixed European and Native American, 20% is European, and the rest of African-Native American and African-European ancestry. Many Colombians have left their country for economic reasons, to settle in the neighboring countries of Venezuela and other Latin American countries. The United States have accepted large numbers of Colombian immigrants where they place cheap calls to Colombia. Others settled in Canada and Europe. People with friends and relatives in Colombia usually stay connected with their home country by placing Colombia cheap phone calls. Manifone also provides low rates for Haiti cheap calls and Spain cheap calls. Many expatriates have family members in their home land, so they place Colombia calls more often. They can make significant savings with the help of Manifone's cheap Colombia phone call service.
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