Cheap call to Benin and the rest of Africa

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Cheap call to Benin and the rest of Africa : There are companies that offer cheap Benin calls with long prefix numbers and confusing steps. Manifone doesn't require you to change your habits to place Africa cheap calls.

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Cheap call to Benin and the rest of Africa
Benin is a West African country, bordered by Burkina Faso, the Republic of Niger, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Republic of Togo and the Atlantic Ocean. Porto-Novo is the capital of the country, while the largest city is Cotonou. The area was once ruled by the powerful Kingdom of Dahomey. When the large scale slave trade ended in 1892, France occupied the area and named it the French Dahomey. Dahomey was granted independence in 1960. It was renamed to Republic of Benin in 1990. Like other African countries, Benin has also experienced waves of emigration in the past decades. Modern technologies have made it possible for migrants to stay in touch with their country of origin using Benin cheap calls, and support it's economic and social development. Beninese living abroad frequently place phone calls to Benin, and usually seek for cheaper solutions for a Benin call. The 21st century brought novelties to the telecommunications: VoIP became available to the masses, radically lowering the costs of an international phone call. Some companies invented solutions that offered cheap Benin calls using calling cards or prefixes. Seeing the disadvantages of these methods, Manifone developed a way to place Africa cheap calls that is very similar to the traditional ways of dialing.
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