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Call Algeria at cheap mobile rates
Algeria has a long colonial past. Due to it's geographical location, the area was subsequently invaded by various empires, including the Roman, Spanish and Ottoman Empire. The French troops invaded Algeria in 1830 and made it part of France in 1848. After large-scale uprisings in 1954 and 1955, Algeria was granted independence in 1962. Post-independence years brought waves of emigrations from Algeria. After 1962, over one million Algerians settled in France. The second wave of emigration happened during the Civil War. Many Algerians still live abroad and maintain connection with their relatives through international Algeria calls. The need for cheaper phone calls abroad was always present among expatriates, foreign workers and students who often place calls to Algeria. Due to the very high international rates, Manifone came up with a solution that can cut the costs of an Algeria phone call by up to 90%. With Manifone's service expats can place Algeria cheap calls from their mobile and landline phones. It is based on lowering the calling costs significantly, while maintaining the traditional ways of dialing from any phone device. The France-based service offers low-cost France calls and cheap dialing of any foreign destinations in the world.
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