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Benin cheap phone calls
Benin has dry season from November to the beginning of April and a rainy season from the May to October. The best time to call for a visit in the Southern area is from December to March and July/August while best time for the Northern part of the country is between December and April. The country can be divided into four main areas from the south to the north: low-lying, sandy, coastal plain with lagoons; plateaus in southern Benin; flat lands with rocky hills; and a range of mountains extends along the northwest border and into Togo. It's famous Pendjari National Park attracts many tourists around the year. The country is easy to reach, either by road or air. Ouidah's Voodoo Festival takes place in January, and is Benin's most vibrant and colourful festival. It consists of singing, chanting, dancing, beating of drums, drinking of gin and horse-racing. There is a film festival held in Ouidah at the same time as the Voodoo Festival. Let your friends and relatives reach you in Benin while you explore the country's wonderful culture and wildlife. Benin cheap calls can now be made using your own mobile or landline phone by just registering on Manifone's website. You can test our service with free Benin phone call as a bonus for registering.
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