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Cheap Benin calls
It was once one of the most powerful empires in Africa, Kingdom of Dahomey, which lasted from the 17th till 18th century. The region became known as the Slave Coast during the early 17th century due to the massive trans-Atlantic slave trade. In 1892, the slave trade was banned and the regional powers crumbled, making a great opportunity for France to take over the area and renaming it to French Dahomey. Dahomey gained full independence from France in 1960. It was renamed to People's Republic of Benin in 1975, and finally to Republic of Benin in 1990. Some Beninese live in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Unites States and Belgium. Many of them have families and friends in Benin, and they usually call each other on phone to stay in touch. International call rates have always been very high, and people used to pay fortunes on their monthly phone bills. Since the emerge of VoIP technologies it is much much more cheaper and convenient to place a Benin phone call than ever before. An international phone call through VoIP acts like local phone call, that's why it can reduce the costs of a Benin call by 90%. A call with Manifone is as easy as it is cheap, because it works with every mobile or landline phone and operator.
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