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Belgium cheap calls
Belgium is a popular destination for expatriates and cheap Belgium calls, because of it's high living standards and excellent health-care. The country lies on the cross-roads of Western Europe, and is home to a number of nations who place Belgium cheap phone calls on a daily basis. Among the non-Belgian nationalities, Italians make the largest group, followed by French and Dutch groups. Some 81,000 Moroccans live in Belgium, with Polish immigrants following them on the fifth place. Manifone has cheap phone calls to any of these countries, including France phone call, Morocco phone call and other long-distance western calls. During the past 2,000 years Belgium has experienced a constant flow of different races and cultures. Because of this, Belgium is one of Europe's true melting pots with Celtic, Roman, Germanic, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Austrian cultures having made an imprint. Today, Belgium consists of three regions, the Dutch-speaking Flanders in the north, French Wallonia in the south, and Brussels where both languages are spoken. The German community consists of some 73,000 people who mainly live in the east of the Walloon Region. Dutch, French and German are the official languages in Belgium.
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