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Cheap Belgium calls abroad
Historically and geographically, Belgium lies on the cross-roads of Europe. Belgium participated in the Industrial Revolution, and possessed a number of colonies in Africa. Today, it has a highly developed market economy, and one of the world's highest GDP per capita, a fact that attracts many expatriates from around the Europe. With it's large quantities of exports and imports, Belgium depends heavily on world trade, mostly with fellow EU member states. The country imports raw materials to process them and export as a finished product. Belgium began circulating the euro currency in January 2002. Belgium supports an open economy, which is concentrated in the populous Flemish Diamond area. Many expatriates from around Europe and rest of the world see Belgium as a prime destination for living, due to the low unemployment, high living standards, excellent health care system, and the Belgian hospitality and open-mindedness. Manifone offers Belgium cheap phone calls to expatriates in Belgium, to reach their friends and families back home. Belgium can also be reached via western cheap phone calls. Along low-rate Belgium call, Manifone also offers discount prices for Andorra call, Morocco call and France cheap phone calls.
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