Solutions for a cheap Belgium call

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Solutions for a cheap Belgium call
Before Roman invasion in 100 BC, the area of today's Belgium was inhabited by the Belgae, a mix of Celtic and Germanic peoples. The Gallia Belgica was held by Romans for 500 years. There were gradual immigrations of Germanic Frankish tribes under the Merovingians in 5th century. Throughout the next few centuries, regions of Belgium were ruled by France and Germany. In the fifteenth century, all districts except the Principality-episcopacy, came under the rule of the Burgundy dukes. By the 16th century, Belgium was one of the most urbanized regions in the world. The region was the place of most Franco-Spanish and Franco-Austrian wars during the 17th and 18th centuries. The 1830 Belgian Revolution led to the country's neutrality and independence. Belgium was and still is a favoured destination for expatriates from other parts of Europe. Many expatriates use long-distance cheap phone calls to connect with their friends and families. Belgium cheap phone calls, France cheap calls, Austria cheap phone calls and even Africa calls are easy to place due to the modern telecom solutions. Alternative ways of dialing, such as VoIP, help people make cheap Belgium calls without paying high international rates.
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