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Cheap Angola phone call
We are now offering cheap phone calls to anyone who wishes to reach Angola via mobile or landline phone. If you travel there, be sure to remind your friends and family to call you at Manifone's low international rates. Angola extends across an area of 1,246,700 Km2. On 2,620 m height, the country's highest peak is Mount Moco, situated in Huambo province. Angola's main rivers are Kwanza, Záire, Cunene, and Cubango. The warm, wet rainy season lasts from November to April, followed by a temperate dry season from May to October. The midland highlands have a moderate climate, with a showery season from November through April, followed by a chilly dry season from May to October, when overnight temperatures can descend to freezing. Angola has many natural beauties and a scenic coastline. Before you take off, check out our incredibly low rates to Angola which will save you and your relatives up to 90% off the international Angola calls. Manifone's cheap calls service works with any mobile and landline phone, it is easy to start up and use, we do not charge a connection fee and there are no hidden charges when calling abroad. Just click on the green button to register, and you can place your first Angola call free of charge.
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