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Algeria cheap phone calls
Algeria has a vast desert area, spreading on almost four-fifth of the country. Ninety-one percent of the Algerian population lives along the Mediterranean coast on 12% of the country's total land mass. More then half of the population lives in urban areas, and urbanization continues. About 1.5 million nomads and semi-settled Bedouin still live in the Saharan area. 99% of the population is classified ethnically as Arab/Arab-Berber, less than 1% as European. Ninety six percent are Sunni Muslims by religion, the rest are Ibadis, Roman Catholic (mainly Protestant evangelic) and Jewish. Algeria's educational system has grown rapidly since 1962; in the last 12 years, attendance has doubled to more than 5 million students. A small number of students study abroad, mainly in Europe and Canada. Students often rely on cheap phone calls to stay in touch with their families back home. They usually spend a whole semester abroad, because it is too expensive to travel home often. Manifone is giving solution to all parents and students abroad place international calls at very low rates. You too can benefit from cheap Algeria calls if you click on the green button and complete the registration form.
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