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Algeria cheap calls
In Antiquity Algeria was known as the kingdom of Numidia. The indigenous peoples of northern Africa eventually coalesced into a distinct native population, the Berbers. The Berbers were made up of several tribes, the two main branches were the Botr and Barnès. When Muslim Arabs arrived in Algeria in the mid-7th century, a large number of locals converted to the new faith. Nowadays 96% of Algerians are Sunni Muslims by religion, 4% confess as Ibadis, Roman Catholic (mainly Protestant evangelic) and Jewish. About 1.5 million nomads and semi-settled Bedouin still inhabit the Saharan area. Travellers can find traces of Roman, Turkish, Arab and French colonization in many major cities. Algiers contains a vivid mix of tradition and modernism, its colonial past maintaining a presence. Despite of the insecure situation in Algeria, it is still a great place to visit. When you are out of the country, remember to give cheap calls to your friends or family in Algeria. We are providing you with ways to cut your bills on Algeria calls. With a rate as low as 5.9 cents per minute you could save up to 90% on your Algeria phone call. Just click on the green button to register for free and you are ready to place cheap phone calls whenever you need to dial abroad.
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