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Algeria calls at low rate
Algeria has had a long colonial history. In the beginning of the 16th century, several towns and outposts on the Algerian coast were conquered and occupied by the Spanish Empire. Algeria was made part of the Ottoman Empire in 1517. The Ottomans established Algeria's modern boundaries in the north and made its coast a base for the Ottoman corsairs, who preyed on Christian and other non-Islamic shipping in the western Mediterranean Sea. In that time, Algerian cities lost many inhabitants to the plague. Finally, the French invaded and captured Algiers in 1830. Starting from the end of the 19th century, people of European descent in Algeria, as well as the native Algerian Jews, became full French citizens. After Algeria's 1962 independence, over one million people, 10% of the population, then fled the country for France. The Civil War also resulted in greater emigrations. There are still many Algerians living abroad. There is a larger population of expats in US also. Expatriates are finding different ways to stay in touch with relatives and friends abroad, mainly through cheap phone calls. Algeria phone call is known to be expensive, and finding an alternative solution for placing Algeria cheap calls can significantly help with savings.
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